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Exhibitions & Events

A Collection of Works from the University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art

              Fernando de Szyszlo, Habitación No. 23, 1994              Edinburgh Festival, Edinburgh

11 August 1996 - 31 August 1996

An exhibition of works from UECLAA opened in the British Council offices in Edinburgh to coincide with this year’s International Festival. This exhibition was organised by Visiting Arts as a part of its contribution to this, the world’s largest art festival.

Works by Antonio Henrique Amaral, Perla Bajder, Rita Bonfim, Guillermo Buitrago, Blas Castagna, Victor Chab, José Pedro Costigliolo, Carlos Cruz-Diez, José Luís Cuevas, Oscar Curtino, Miguel D’Arienzo, Farnese De Andrade, Arturo Duclos, Siron Franco, María Freire, Alex Gama, Jac Leirner, Jorge Macchi, Eulises Niebla, Anna María Pacheco, Ofelia Rodriguez, Cristina Salgado, Fernando de Szyszlo, and Katie van Scherpenberg were shown to great advantage in the airy rooms and at the opening reception, Valerie Fraser had an opportunity to tell Heritage Secretary Virginia Bottomley about the plans for a UECLAA museum.

During the Festival, the British Council offices in Edinburgh were a hive of activity with Visiting Arts coordinating and supporting international events. 

Image: Ferdando de Szyszlo, Habitación No. 23, 1994 ESCALA 11-1995