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Our collection is divided into different thematic research strands that inform our acquisition policies. Our current theme is ‘the environment.’

This theme was consolidated in the Spring of 2019 with the exhibition Gone to Ground, curated by Dr Lisa Blackmore of the School of Philosophy and Art History (SPAH). The exhibition marked the 25th anniversary of ESCALA and showcased the environmental art within the collection. An undergraduate module leading to the exhibition focused on the artworks that were used in the exhibition, enabling us to generate an object-based learning environment for students to work hands on with the artworks.

Alongside the exhibition, a symposium titled Arts of Extraction was held at the University of Essex with funding from the Society for Latin American Studies (SLAS). The programme is available as a PDF file below.

The orientation of our collection, as it continues to evolve, is fueled by our students. The selection of this collection theme was informed by the student-led acquisitions of works by the Peruvian artist Alejandro Jaime and the Colombian artist Alberto Baraya. Below are two interviews with the artists, by Dr Lisa Blackmore.