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The Essex Collection of Art from Latin America is owned by the University of Essex whose governing body is University Council.  


ESCALA gives unparalleled access to art from Latin America: 

  • To our students 
  • To our staff
  • To the wider community
  • For research
  • For education
  • For innovation


As an international art collection and a unique, interdisciplinary resource, our vision is to continue to develop and support the University’s research profile and distinctive educational offer. 

We do this by connecting members of our global community with creative environments and with each other, to challenge and expand our understanding of the world. 


  • To care for the Collection for the benefit of the University and wider community 
  • To teach with and through the Collection 
  • To research with and through the Collection
  • To train with and through the Collection 
  • To engage with and through the Collection 
  • To develop the Collection sustainably 
  • To create a dynamic physical home for the Collection 


As an art collection at the University of Essex, we value: 

  • Art as a first order discipline and one that is fundamental to a broad education 
  • Art as a transformative catalyst in interdisciplinary research, teaching and learning 
  • Art that earns its place, tells a story and is committed 
  • The highest standards of governance, management and collection care that enable us to preserve our art in perpetuity for the benefit of all
  • The freedom to take risks, to challenge, and to be challenged in all of our activities 
  • Meaningful collaboration and openness of exchange 
  • The people who are part of our journey, including our artists, donors, students, staff, colleagues, and audiences