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Collection Themes

Environmental challenges are among the most urgent issues facing us today. Latin America is a longstanding site of contrasting worldviews about the environment and nature, which can be traced from indigenous ecologies and colonial encounters through to contemporary resource conflicts and biodiversity loss. As a new area of interest in research, education and collecting, the Environment connects ESCALA to the work of academics from across the University’s schools and faculties, enabling us to global scope of environmental decline through the regional lens of art from Latin America. This collection theme was launched through undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the School of Philosophical Historical and Interdisciplinary Studies and consolidated with the exhibitions Gone to Ground and Aggregate Flows held at Art Exchange in 2019. Work around this theme will continue through acquisitions resulting from the Postgraduate module “Collecting Art from Latin America” and ongoing research projects and interdisciplinary teaching.


                                  Cinthya Soto 'Botánico' 2008


                               Graciela Iturbide 'Jardín botánico, Cactus Naturata.' 1996-2004



                                 María Elvira Escallón 'Sin título (Nuevas Floras Series)' 2003           Alejandro Jaime 'Paisaje expandido / paisaje contenido IV' 2016

                                  Alejandro Jaime 'Andenes III' 2014

                                  Renata Padovan 'Laic III' 2002                                     Carolina Caycedo 'Serpent River Book' 2017                    Ogwa 'Los cuaties ponen sus nidos encima de los cocoteros' 1996
                                        Raúl Piña 'Doble elipse de luna' 1998