• Jaime Gili, Drap, 2008

    Jaime Gili, Drap, 2008

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DRAP, 2008

The Essex Collection of Art from Latin America commissioned Jaime Gili to produce Drap for ESCALA Artist Editions, established in 2008. This initiative covers the artists’ production costs and, where appropriate, includes an element of professional development. All proceeds are returned to the artist and to the Collection to support its activities and further editions.

About the artist

Jaime Gili (b. 1972, Caracas, Venezuela; lives and works in London and Caracas) created 'Drap' at the London Printworks Trust. The title refers to the textile used to create this edition, which Gili proposes can be draped or hung in a variety of ways. It also relates to Gili's long-term interest in flags and other symbols of nationalism as well as to memories of his mother's work as a seamstress. Gili's father's work with cars, designing wheels, has also influenced Gili's striking paintings, which evoke speed and movement. More broadly 'Drap' relates to Gili's unceasing exploration of abstraction, influenced by Venezuelan and other traditions.

About the edition

Original silkscreen print
80/100 x 60/65 cm
Printed on cotton fabric and hand-finished
Edition of 45 numbered and signed by the artist

Price: £350 inc. VAT, unframed

Price does not include delivery

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