Vivian Scheihing (1947 - )


    In my work are interior landscapes, charged with memories of Valdivia, the city I was born in the south of Chile surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. Sand, fences, doors closed, an array of flowers, leaves, plants, weed, trees without branches, spines, spirals, vipers and lizards, among others, are essential parts of my works, traces found on my lost ways.

    I admire the colorito of quattrocento painting, and the painter I feel closest to is Giotto. Many of my paintings are red because they refer to the interweaving of life and death, bleeding and passion, rage and ritual sacrifice; my ochres indicate a deeply rooted obsession with earth. Black represents nothingness, it is the strongest force in my paintings: in my case, the process of painting has its starting point in a darkness, blinded by the terror of a memory buried in the catastrophes of my past, a nightmare made of a deep dark forest and a swamp. I am surprised when I perceive the far away light of my internal city made of dreams and reality. At that moment I can start to visualise the path so as to give form to elements that I will bring into reality.

    My works are my real dreams; they are the magic that wakes up the illusion of the dreams of reality, the assumption of the ideal. Beyond the threshold of the unknown lies perhaps my 'paradise lost.' It may be a reference to my childhood, nostalgic and painful at the same time. In my inside nests the chaos of my spirit that gives form to my work. I never know if what emerges from my inner me is real or not, if it is part of my memory at all or a hidden moment of my real life. Abstraction in my painting comes from real subject matter; it gives form to strong emotion, anguish, sadness and sometimes happiness. I don't succeed in understanding this unknown region. If one day I find the meaning, I will stop painting.

    Vivian Scheihing


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