Villanes, Eduardo (1967 - )

invitación-objeto (réplica actual) (2012)

Serigraph on recycled cardboard (Gloria Evaporated Milk Box)
height: 30cm
width: 51.4cm


Recycled Gloria evaporated milk boxes have been the raw material for a series of related works by Eduardo Villanes. (1) The artist highlights the case of the Cantuta massacre, an event in which nine university students and their lecturer were kidnapped and their remains burnt by a death squad in Peru during the Alberto Fujimori regime (1990-2000). Villanes used the boxes to make 400 exhibition invites to his exhibition opening 25 October 1994. For the invites he silkscreened his self-portrait from Autoretrato gloria evaporada (1994) in bold colours appropriating the blue and red Gloria brand colours onto a recycled Gloria box. The silk-screen adopts a pop aesthetic and the bright colour scheme of Chicha posters, a Peruvian style used in poster art advertising cumbia and chicha music events. (2) ESCALA holds a contemporary reproduction of one of these invites, the originals have since been lost. The invite pulls spectators in to the artwork and the tragedy of the Catuta massacre by giving them a part of the artwork, a piece of evidence in these crimes (3).

1- This text is adapted from a longer text written on Eduardo Villanes, Autoretrato gloria evaporada, (1994)

2- Villanes desribes the influnces of Pop art and Chicha on this piece on his website, see: (accessed 01.05.2018)

3 - Villanes has describes his intention to give invitees an artwork and part of the exhbition on his website (accessed 01.05.2018)

Sebastian Bustamante-Brauning, 2018

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