Teresa Pereda (1956 - )

Territorio (2003)

Soil and etching in wood and glass box
height: 24cm
width: 24cm

Donated by Teresa Pereda 2003


This diptych belongs to a series of works in which Pereda explores the territory of Argentina, Argentina as land and landscape, earth and dust, as an abstract idea and as the home of different peoples. As she says in her Artist Statement, in researching these works she journeyed over long geographical distances but also over social, economic and cultural distances. These boxes contain dried earth from two regions of Argentina: from OberĂ¡ in the province of Misiones in the extreme northeast of the country, and from Arenaza in the humid pampa of the province of Buenos Aires, where Pereda was born. The iron-rich soil of Misiones is red while that of Arenaza is grey, and as the boxes are tipped the dust slides across the surface of details of maps of each area, clinging to the lines and marks pressed into the surface of the paper, and coming to rest in a new configuration of hills and plains.

Pereda's practice is closely related to anthropology. Since her childhood she has felt an affinity with the rural populations of Argentina and travels widely, always involving the local population in her work. She talks to them about their land and their memories, and they often provide her with the soil that she then incorporates into her art.

Valerie Fraser, 01/12/2008

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