Sonia Labouriau (1956 - )

Rose for Heraclitus (1995)

height: 18cm
width: 58cm

Donated by Sonia Labouriau 1995


Sonia Labouriau works with clay to mark the passage of time in works that either designate or are activated by natural forces such as water, fire and gravity. In some cases she casts works in compacted clay and powder which gradually disintegrate over time; in others she uses urucum flour to model pieces which then dissolve when laid on a surface coated with water, and not even the original colour of the urucum seed remains. Rose of Heraclitus is activated by fire – alcohol is poured into the ceramic sculpture and lit. In Heraclitus’ philosophy, fire is the prime element, unifying the things in the world which are separated by opposites. Fire is partly identifiable with Logos, the common characteristic of all natural objects. Fire and Logos, ensure the ultimate balance and continuity of changes between opposites.

Rose of Heraclitus was specifically made by the artist in collaboration with local potters for the Collection of Latin American Art on the occasion of the exhibition Continuum, Brazilian art, 1960-1990 at the University Gallery.

Paula Terra Cabo
Gabriela Salgado

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