Siron Franco (1947 - )

Radiografía brasileira (1996)
Brazilian X-ray

Found objects
Dimensions: variable


Donated by Charles Cosac 1996


Radiografia Brasileira is one of a number of installations that Siron Franco has created as an immediate response to a specific event. In this case it was the murder, in 1996, of a number of members of Brazil's Movimento Sem Terra (Landless Movement). The ragged clothes of three people (a man, a woman, a child) are arranged on rough, felt blankets. These empty clothes are overlaid with x-ray images, invoking the physicality of the now dead Movimento Sem Terra (MST) members. As a Brazilian X-ray, this installation also offers a metaphorical exposure of the repression imposed on the MST. Franco wanted to draw attention to this issue in general and to the murder in particular. He did so during the central London launch of a monograph on his work, placing Radiografia Brasileira in the street outside the Atrium bookshop in Cork Street. The impact was widespread and effective. Globo, Brazil's largest TV channel transmitted a report on the installation that same day. As well as using installation to respond swiftly and directly to events, Franco uses the more drawn out process of painting to commit incidents of grave injustice to wider memory.

Joanne Harwood, 2008

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