Remo Bianchedi (1950 - )


    Art illustrates History, too.

    Argentina, 1976. The Intelligence Service of the French Army who, during the occupation of Algeria, established 'disappearance' as a repressive system, advise their Argentine colleagues in the Argentine Army on this practice.

    Then, within a short period of time, thirty thousand citizens 'disappear', five hundred of whose children, born in captivity, still remain kidnapped by those who took them.

    The work, 'Antonio S.'s Nostalgia', produced at precisely this historic moment, is the elaboration of a metaphor.

    Just as German New Objectivity of the 1920s renounced the avant-garde in order to return to traditional modes of representation, so artists in Argentina began to paint, draw, print, and sculpt again.

    To external disorder we respond with an internal order, the ontological order of language.

    Description of the image:
    1. Mate, which the figure holds in his hands, is a national symbol. In this way I indicate the place where the scene takes place.
    2. The bodies (masculine-feminine) are mutilated and reassembled, but in a chaotic way, without identity or place of origin with which to identify them.
    3. If the ground is the 'world' of the figure, here the world is grey, with no horizon.
    4. A world of the blind, deaf and dumb.

    Buenos Aires

    Translated from the original Spanish by Joanne Harwood


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