Rafael Gil (1942 - )


    In the city of Buenos Aires, and in my studio, I have worked for the last decade in painting and graphic art. The subjects of my work have developed in themed series, according to the needs of the moment. The series Rompecabezas Americanos (American Puzzles), begun at the end of the 1980s, was followed by the series Cargas (Loads). The latter was an attempt to represent the burdens that man carries, without and within. Later, and almost as an offshoot of the previous theme, I began to work on the subject of anthropophagy; from a conceptual point of view it was an attempt to metaphorically express the situation of the individual who is devoured by social structures, by structures that prevent growth and development. In a second stage of this series I tried to capture man's internal blemishes, those that also devour and condition him. At present I am working on pieces about war. These works fall in to two series: Las Carrozas de la Guerra (Carriages of War) and Las Carrozas de la Miseria (Carriages of Misery), which comprise drawings, engravings, books and objects. This group of works will be shown in 2005 in the Museo de Arte Sakima, in Okinawa, Japan, in an exhibition devoted entirely to works of art that address the subjects of War and Peace.

    Rafael Gil

    Translated from the original Spanish by Joanne Harwood


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