Perla Beatriz Bajder (1946 - )


    On the work La tierra trae olor a semen

    The word 'jazz' comes from the word 'jizz' in the Kikongo language and means 'to ejaculate' and for this reason I called this work The Earth Carries the Smell of Semen.
    All art is erotic, states Adolph Loos. My images are erotic because they allow space for the imagination: because they interpret eroticism as the poetic substance of life.
    What is lived gains strength from inspiration and permanence.Poetry and eroticism are born from the senses but they do not end there. As they unfold they invent symbols freely within the imagination.
    Love, that state of misunderstood understanding, according to San Juan de la Cruz, is an upheaval, a split, a transformation. It is in the Latin American sentiment, an open heart that swings between logic and chaos.
    In poetry I rescue the soul from the image in a kind of endless game that, like love, revives and sustains life's mystery.

    Perla Bajder

    Translated from the original Spanish by Joanne Harwood


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