Martha Zuik (1941 - )


    Since I was young I have had a clear desire to always have something to hand with which I can keep myself busy, no matter where I am. I found out young that a pencil and paper could satisfy this need. At the age of 10 I began to study drawing and painting from nature, this led me to regard nature as the ultimate teacher.

    Pleasure and displeasure are states that alternate in my work (in which intellect is NOT called upon). I paint almost intuitively, unaware of the way in which the work emerges: memories, impressions, sensations, light, colour, the perception of movement, passion and, above all, the unconscious play a large part. I never plan my work; I start from a mark or a dot and I let myself go, the work develops by itself and shows me the path to follow.

    The painting, drawing, engraving or sculpture that I make must, like a human being, have nerves, a skeleton, muscles, skin and bones. And like everything in nature, it must breathe. If these conditions are present, the observer may THEN enter my work as if entering a wood, in which, at every turn, they discover something new. It does not matter if the work is abstract or figurative, that is merely a formality; what is important is the quality of the work itself. As a universal language art crosses boundaries. Through the work of artists we can find the grace with which to face the turbulent world in which we live, and I pay homage to the great artists of all times, without whom I would not exist.

    Martha Zuik

    Translated from the original Spanish by Joanne Harwood


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