Mario Verandi (1960 - )


    As a composer and sound artist I use the computer as an aid to exploring and expanding the boundaries of music, perception and meaning. A distinct characteristic of my work is the exploration of the musical, poetic and evocative potential of concrete and environmental sounds and their incorporation into musical compositions. Most of my compositions explore the interplay between recognisable or familiar soundworlds and unfamiliar or abstract soundworlds originated through computer manipulations.

    I use sound materials which were first concrete, recorded onto digital media via microphones, to later manipulate and transform them using music software tools. The sound sources and subsequent transformations are later structured in time and space focusing on spectral, metaphorical and referential relationships.

    To me all sounds, regardless of their origin can be musically organised. I have a preference for sounds coming from real-world sources in contrast to synthetic sounds or sounds created on the computer applying synthesis techniques.

    My compositions make use of a wide spectrum of sound materials including sounds coming from nature such as birds, wind and water; sounds produced by playing on diverse objects such as a plastic bottle, wine glass or a table; soundscapes of a city, a farm or a rain forest, and sounds produced on traditional instruments, like a piano, a cello or drums.

    Mario Verandi, 2005

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