María Helguera (1943 - )

Untitled (1984)

Watercolour on paper
height: 47cm
width: 69cm

Donated by Marcos Curi 1993


Interior spaces with windows, paintings or open doors, are a constant theme in María Helguera's work. The artist recalls that in the 1980s she was interested in reflected images, shadows and ambiguous possibilities of the real; for this reason her interiors of this period became more complex, with rooms seen from balconies, half open doors leading to other doors and doors or paintings that are in fact mirrors. A more complex spatial composition created a more complex sense of temporality: the change and confusion of an immediate and ongoing scene rather than a static depiction of an event in the past.

This untitled watercolour is a view of the interior of a light and airy room with a terracotta-tiled floor, upon which stands a bowl of oranges. The bowl is reflected in a mirror to the right although, at first glance, it looks like a vase of flowers viewed through an open window. To the left are brightly coloured forms that look like drapes of fabric on a blue bed.

María Helguera Dibujos y Pinturas 1976-1980. Buenos Aires: Galería Atica and Galería Arte Nuevo, 1981

Joanne Harwood, 2008

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