María Helguera (1943 - )


    As a painter born in Argentina, my creative journey began with the influence of Cubism, Constructivism, the painting of Argentine artist Roberto Aizenberg and - via his work - surrealist thought. The images that I first worked on came from my own imagination, from my emotions and from my memories of childhood. In 1976, when I moved to Barcelona, I continued on this path for a few years, achieving effective results until, I think because of a crisis in my development, I decided to confront the real. Influenced by Cezanne and by Matisse I began to investigate sensory apperception. At that time I let myself be consumed by the sensorial nature of colour and light, and that is when I created those works of which one example is the watercolour in ESCALA. I needed the presence or appearance of objects in my work, but I intercepted them with projections of shadows, or images reflected in mirrors. I needed to achieve ambiguity in my work and also the suggestion of other presences, which is why I used repetition and reflection. It was an attempt to explore the unfamiliar, leaving behind what I knew I had already resolved in the work I had created before.

    María Helguera

    Translated from the original Spanish by Joanne Harwood


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