María Elvira Escallón (1954 - )


    Nuevas Floras is a series of interventions in the landscape, carried out on trees in their natural environment. The majority of these trees belong to the native forests of the mountains of Colombia. Several carved wooden pieces were added to the trees’ bodies, or parts of their branches or trunks were carved.

    I contacted a master carver to carry out the work following my models which were derived from examples of designs for colonial and baroque architecture and furniture, including columns and balustrades. As a result, it appears that elements with precise contours —with cultural characteristics — emerge from the trunk or branches of these trees. Some of the motifs represent vegetation.

    Nuevas Floras is presented to the public as a series of large-format, colour photographs taken immediately after the ‘interventions’ on the trees. The project seeks to study, through time, how each of the trees processes the interventions. For this reason, the photographs represent the first stage of a living project in constant flux.

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