Manfredo Alves de Souzanetto (1947 - )



    In my work the incised form of the canvas accentuates its materiality; this support is no longer a neutral rectangle or square where painting takes place, but an active element which amplifies the work's significance. Each form is found or determined within the experience of its construction, an intuitive process in which the making of the support and its relationship to space will determine the final configuration. This form comes together with the body of the painting: pigments handmade from coloured earth, ground stone, and iron oxide accentuate the organicity of forms whose volume abandons the ideal of the plane and moves into space.

    My work is constantly moving between the sensuality of the curve and the vitality of the edge, between the vibration of colour and the tactility of texture; from the organic to the geometric this is a movement in which forms begin to behave as if organic-abstract bodies, creating discontinuity and variation, and permitting the imagination of different configurations, each departing from a single fragmented structure. 22/91, the work donated to ESCALA, is a structure made from wood covered with jute and painted with natural pigment, acrylic resin, and pastel. Departing from planarity and moving into three-dimensional space, the work becomes painting and sculpture at the same time.

    Manfredo de Souzanetto, Rio de Janeiro

    Translated from the original Portuguese by Isobel Whitelegg


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