Luis Scafati (1947 - )

Untitled (1986)

Ink on paper
height: 35cm
width: 47cm

Donated by Roque de Bonis 1993


Scafati’s second work depicts a monstrous bishop rubbing his hands together while bile flows from his mouth. A group of three people stand beside the bishop, one man pickpockets another whilst looking for affirmation from the ecclesiastical figure. The implication is that the thief is doing the work of stealing for the Church. The monstrous satisfaction of the bishop’s gesture is discernible and is a damning accusation of the role of the Catholic Church in Argentina. The return to democracy presented an opportunity for many artists to be able to make works that commented on the social and political landscape and this work from 1986 would likely not have passed through the censorship which prevailed during the dictatorship. The Church had a close relationship to the military regime and perhaps Scafati is attempting to criticise the continued role of the Church in democratic Argentina.

Text written for the exhibition "Argentina 1976-2016: Activism, Memorialisation and Complicity", 7-10 March 2016, ESCALA Teaching and Research Space

Sebastian Bustamante-Brauning, 2016

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