Lotte Schulz (1925 - )


    On Festival of Hammocks

    I find myself deeply drawn to this piece. Hammocks are widely used throughout Latin America. In Paraguay you find them in the farms, under the tree, in the galleries of colonial houses and in interior rooms.

    A hammock can be woven from a variety of materials. Indigenous peoples make them using the fibres of the Caraguatá plant. In country ranches you sometimes find them made of long thin strips of leather, but the most widespread type, used by the majority of people, is woven from cotton, with many different designs.

    The hammock is very versatile. It can be enjoyed by a person on their own, as a couple or as a family. It is like a big heart. It expands to accommodate the number of people that want to use it. And children love to play in one, for hours at a time. Up until now I have made ten designs on this theme, all of them wood engravings. Some printed in black inks, some in sepias. I also have done six compositions in oil on canvas, using a palette knife. And I have done three works, engraved on hide.

    Lotte Schulz

    Translated from the original Spanish by Valerie Fraser


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