Hilda Paz (1950 - )


    I believe I have always thought that there can be no artwork without loneliness, without loss, without fractures. Perhaps one dedicates oneself to this in order to stop time. When I created the work The Little Saint they were hard times (as they always were, in Argentina) but the horror from which we emerged was such that one felt that it was no longer possible to structure an image in the traditional sense of the term.

    That saint, who is repeated again and again, is not a traditional saint, it is a Mapuche Indian, it is a popular saint.

    The threads tie, sew together in some way what cannot be seen; just as this work cannot be explained further - because often I feel that I extract stones from my heart to let them breathe and sometimes these little stones shine and sparkle and then a work emerges.

    Engrave the heart, develop solidarity with the visible, mark a trace, leave a trail.

    Hilda Paz Bernal

    Translated from the original Spanish by Joanne Harwood


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