Gloria Ortiz Hernández


    A Pillar of Fire by Night II, was created in 1997. Two years later, in 1999, I abandoned painting altogether and begun working exclusively with drawings and, in the last year, with sculpture. In the current work I have put aside representation and narrative. I have narrowed the use of materials to the most basic (pencil and paper for the drawings, and for the sculpture wax). In the drawings I have limited the use of color to black; with the sculpture I use only natural materials (wax, wood, lead, etc.)

    However, despite the changes in materials, content and style, I have retained my preoccupation with the square a form I find most eloquent precisely because of its rigor and simplicity. The same square that defines the composition in Pillar of Fire by Night II, remains the central form for both the sculpture and the drawings. In that sense, the painting that you hold is a precursor of a mature style.

    From a letter from Gloria Ortiz-Hernández, 9/01/05


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