Francisco Moreno Capdevila (1926 - 1995)

Corrido de la revolución Mexicana, Teatro Mexicano de Masas (1955)
Song of the Mexican Revoloution. Mexican Mass Theatre

Woodcut on paper
height: 33cm
width: 23cm

Donated by Eleanor Wake 2002


The two figures at the bottom of the print show a man and a woman in traditional peasant dress. The man at the top stepping over the banner is also dressed traditionally, holding his hat with his right hand and reaching out with his left. He is flanked in the background by revolutionaries with similar hats. Those on his left are on horseback and seem to lead the men on foot behind them. All of the men carry rifles with bayonets, the weapon of choice for Mexican revolutionaries. Newspapers and other printed material litter the bottom of this work. Corridos (songs) were often printed in newspapers or broadsheets and were often accompanied by illustrated works in the tradition of José Guadalupe Posada. These songs discussed relevant political information and were in a form easily remembered and passed on to those who could not read. One of the many important goals of the Revolution was better education for all as well as freedom from censored speech.

Caitlyn Collins, 2008

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