Esteban Álvarez (1966 - )

Poncho (2000)

height: 185cm
width: 140cm

Donated by Esteban Álvarez 2000


This work is a reflection on art history. The artist reflects ironically from a Euro-centrist perspective on primitive or artisanal objects (strong cultural symbols of belonging), like the salteño Poncho, which here has been given three slits. The alteration of a poncho that is usually produced on a loom alludes to the slits produced by the Italian-Argentinian artist Lucio Fontana, whose nationality as an icon of the history of modern art is disputed by both countries. Álvarez plays with the pre-conceived idea that peripheral artists in centres of contemporary artistic production exhibit and delight in their affiliation with primitivism and their aptitude for craft.

Marcela López-Sastre

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