Cristina Salgado (1957 - )

Anjo (1993)

Cast iron
height: 21cm
width: 18cm

Donated by Cristina Salgado 1995


Cristina Salgado's recent sculptures are pieces of the body fragmented, perforated, re-interlaced by wires presented in a theatrical way, they refer to our human-inhuman duality. Humanoinumano was the title of her last exhibition. Angel from the series Meninas, a doll-angel cast in iron, is also referring to a search for a new constitution of a post-human personality, a new conception of the self, and a new construction of what it means to be a human being. This doll-angel is neither human not inhuman, an 'anthropomorphous' dead thing 'with no psychological interiority', with it's heart perforated by a bolt. When we stare, eye to eye (it is strategically placed to be face-to-face with the viewer) with this angel whose wings are hands, it is as if it provokes in us an alteration, as if the inhuman reawakens what is human inside us.

Paula Terra Cabo, 2008

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