Christian Prunello (1971 - )


    Biyuya is one of a series of 'bones' that I produced in 2001. It emerged from a game between banknotes and cattle bones, both of which I had collected over time. This series comprised various parts:

    1. Images of bones painted on banknotes
    2. Paintings: images of bones painted onto a surface of 2 x 1m, covered with notes applied by hand.
    3. Banknotes in circulation stamped with the image of a bone.

    These works were shown at the Galeria Fundacion Alberto Elia Mario Robirosa (2002), Arteba (2002), and at the Salon Municipal Manuel Belgrano - Museo Sivori (2003).

    My work with cattle bones developed and I went on to use those that relate to cuts of meat. Of these I identified three types and used them to construct lines. Each of this series, called 'mundo hueso' was produced in a vertical format using casein [editors note: a milk protein based paint] on MDF.
    The work with bones began in 1998. I do not know with any certainty why my work started to unfold in this direction; but, even before I painted them, on repeated occasions I can recollect the image of bones.
    Some months ago, as I was trying to find out the reason for my having painted this same thing for so long, my father commented to me that when he and his brother were adolescents, in the countryside, they collected bones together in order to sell them and make some extra money. He also told me that he worked separating the curd from milk. I was still in the process of developing the 'mundo hueso' and this comment provoked astonishment and new questions; how could it be that there was a connection in my work with my father's past, and why do these same elements unite us now?

    Christian Prunello

    Translated from the original Spanish by Isobel Whitelegg


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