Amador Perez (1952 - )


    From reproductions of works of art I create an impossible game of variation and multiplication, removing these images from their original contexts (books and postcards) and transforming them into graphite pencil drawings. The format of the reproductions I use, like the drawings produced, is small; it demands that the viewer gets very close; it is an intimate reading. Through the process of drawing this format is affirmed, while the image of the original remains one that is immaterial.

    I remake images that have made a strong impression on me. Through variation and modification I transform how they are perceived. In the process of re-creating the image, of reproducing these photographic ghosts, I try to get close to the magical hour of creation, that is, the making of the original work by its author.

    At the moment I am developing the questions that guide and give conceptual continuity to my work as a draughtsman. I am exploring the expressive capabilities of printing and digital media and returning to experiments in the reproduction of images that I began in the 1970s.

    Amador Perez

    Translated from the original Portuguese by Joanne Harwood


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