Adriana Zapisek (1949 - )


    Despite the fact that utopias are in crisis at the moment (post-modernity) several artists, including myself, still follow our path in search of the unattainable: which is the driving force of our lives.

    It is very difficult to explain the process of creating an artwork. The first thing that the artist has is an idea, a series of flashes that are imprinted on the soul and which gradually take root. While this intuition is developing, the artist tries to capture it on canvas together with his or her energy, passion, sensitivity, emotion, instinct, intellect and knowledge. Obviously, the result will be to want to achieve the representation of what is absent. The idea is represented intuitively, eternally, because it cannot be explained through reason. The viewer will perceive this idea through their own intuition: which will try to represent this idea with associations from their own experiences, according to their own perceptual intellectual capacity. All of this will awaken something sublime inside. If this is achieved, the work of art assumes the internal representation of each person in his or her own space and time, always keeping the work alive.

    In the particular case of my piece Gema Piscis, I develop an image based on suggestive and ambiguous forms. The visible, in this way, appeals to the invisible. Everything is made more suggestive. Despite being based on a quasi-geometric structure, the image is liberated to explore a dynamic fluidity of forms, predominantly curves. These curves can conjure associations reminiscent of the human body. The work is a visible repertory of my own sensations which as such are at once personal and from without. I try to capture that fleeting unattainability, from my emotional, passionate and intellectual intensity.

    Adriana Zapisek

    Translated from the original Spanish by Joanne Harwood


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