Warmi (1945 - )


    I believe I have felt drawn to ceramics since I was a child. At home, in Arequipa, the most delicious things were cooked in earthenware bowls (chuwas). The most beautiful and scented flowers grew in chuwas and adorned the patio and the gardens.

    With my family we had regular contact with Puno and Cusco (my grandfather and my father worked on the Southern Railways). This facilitated my direct contact with chuwas.

    I have spent half my life living in Europe, where I learned to appreciate my culture even more. I marvel at some of the ancient pieces in important museums. One of my sources of inspiration, in my work, are the sculptures and vessels of Mochica art. In this way I want to continue in some way the legacy left to us Peruvians by the wise J.M. Arguedas who always recommended to us the importance of proposing alternative forms of memory in order to combat the discrimination and its consequences which still exist in our contemporary Peru.

    Susie Goulder (Warmi)

    Translated from the original Spanish by Valerie Fraser


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