Grupo Escombros


    Corruption, like waste, contaminates. It debilitates societies; it makes them vulnerable to sickness.

    Corruption is concealment. The corrupt, like bags of rubbish, carry their decomposition on the inside: their dead conscience.

    Corruption is a sea that does not allow waves. It extends itself, uncontainable, drowns everything in its path. One cannot border it and one is never certain of crossing it without shipwreck. No one who navigates it, even if only for an instant, is ever the same.

    Corruption dies if it is attacked by transparency. The corrupt do not survive exposure. Like vampires, the light reduces them to ashes.

    Corruption is the mother of all evils.

    Escombros are in the Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires today to commit matricide.

    Grupo Escombros, excerpt from a statement written to accompany the installation of Mar at the Museo de Arte Moderno de Buenos Aires

    Translated from the original Spanish by Isobel Whitelegg


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