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Loan of León Ferrari to Essex Centre for Curatorial Studies exhibition 'Work Space Pressure' until 11 June

Posted: 17 May 2016 by Dr Sarah Demelo

We’ve lent León Ferrari’s Sin título (1986) to the exhibition Work Space Pressure at Art Exchange, University of Essex, Colchester. The exhibition is curated by postgraduate students from the Centre for Curatorial Studies here at Essex and runs until Saturday 11 June 2016. All of the artworks in the exhibition focus on the ‘concerns and tensions that evolve in office environments’ and ‘by confronting issues related to office environments Work Space Pressure explores the pleasures, discomforts, boredom and humour in modern working life.’ Other artists in the exhibition include Bea Fremderman, Clare Conway, Perce Jerrom, Karen Thompson, Phillip Rugo, Luke Nairn, Emma Hart, and Femke Herregraven.

We’ve worked closely with the postgraduate students since October through lecturing on their course ‘Managing Gallery and Exhibition projects’ to taking them through the, often complicated, loans process as part of their course. We help them to develop museological skills for their future employment in arts and heritage organizations.

Organizing an exhibition can be a stressful undertaking (we know!) and the students have done a brilliant job and have worked very hard to achieve, what we think, is well-conceived and coherent show. Congratulations to them!

You can find out more about their exhibition on the Art Exchange website here or follow them on Twitter @empathyinc  or on Facebook.

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