• Ignacio Aguirre, El pueblo es soberano, 1947 reprinted 1974

    Ignacio Aguirre, El pueblo es soberano, 1947 reprinted 1974

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Display of Mexican prints at FlipSide Festival

Posted: 2 October 2015 by Dr Sarah Demelo in Exhibitions  

David Murrieta Flores, a University of Essex Art History PhD student, has curated a small display of Mexican prints from our Collection at FlipSide Festival from 2 - 4 October 2015.

This selection of ESCALA’s wide collection of Mexican artworks intends to sketch one of the country’s most vital, persistent issues: its nationalism. Born in the late 19th century with the drive to modernize Mexico, its ‘outer life’ is commonly known in a static manner through the Revolutionary murals of artists like Diego Rivera, but it is the activity of the country’s ‘inner life’ that comes to the fore in these works, which were possibly made in closer contact with the everyday and therefore represent a mass-communicated myth that is not easily dispelled.

The thread that connects prints from Revolutionary and post-Revolutionary times, to contemporary works, is one that aims to present Mexican nationalism’s mutability – a top-to-bottom cultural device, a historical monolith, a pavement stone thrown at a police barricade, a signal of diversity… the certainty of the country’s nationalist values perhaps holding the key to their precarious status in contemporary Mexican society.

For more information about visiting FlipSide, please see their website here: www.flipside.org

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