• Jorge Macchi, Untitled, 1993

    Jorge Macchi, Untitled, 1993

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CFP: Panel on 'Tragic(al) Realism: Contemporary afterlives of Magical (sur)Realism' at the CAA 2016

Posted: 16 March 2015 by Dr Sarah Demelo

Our former Curatorial Assistant, Dr Andrés Montenegro Rosero, is chairing a panel at the 2016 College Art Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC. 

The short call reads:

Tragic(al) Realism: Contemporary afterlives of Magical (sur)Realism.

This session investigates how the spectres of surrealism and Magical Realism haunt the production, circulation, and interpretation of contemporary art and visual culture from Latin America. Almost twenty years ago, Gerardo Mosquera’s “Beyond the Fantastic: Contemporary Art Criticism from Latin America” rejected the prevalent understanding of art and culture from Latin America as exotic, magical realist, fantastic and surreal. The edited volume critiqued these tropes as reductive and reflective of Western expectations of how art from Latin America should look like, which role should play in its immediate context, and the terms for its transnational circulation. However, after almost two decades of relative absence, in the last five years there has been a return of these two highly contested methodological frameworks. We invite papers that re-consider the continuities and ruptures between surrealism and Magical Realism in Latin America, while exploring how, and if, they inform contemporary artistic practices from the region.

Please send a preliminary abstract (1-2 double spaced, typed pages), a Letter of Interest, and current CV to:
Dr Andrés David Montenegro Rosero, University College London
Deadline: May 8, 2015

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