ESCALA acquires three artworks by Lucía Pizzani

Posted: 12 January 2015 by Dr Joanne Harwood

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We are very pleased to say we have acquired three works by Lucía Pizzani from her Impronta Series. Duo#1, Duo#2 and Trio#2 are wet collodion photographs on aluminium plates that we first saw at Pinta London where Pizzani participated in Pinta Projects presented by Caracas-based Galería#1.

In recent years we have continued to build up our photograph holdings and to acquire artworks in relation to research and education at the University of Essex. We chose these works not only for what they can teach us about the history of photography but also as a starting point for discussions by staff and students in Anthropology (Sociology), History, Literature and Film Studies.

In December Pizzani won the Hotshoe Photofusion Award 2014 for her series of ink-jet prints derived from the plates. Miranda Gavin, the editor of Hotshoe Magazine described how the work, as “a hybrid of sculpture, performance and photography [and] engages with the idea of the chrysalis on a number of levels, including its physical form through the use of specially-made chrysalis costumes. This series of delicate and slightly bizarre black-and-white images recalls the style of 19th-century Victorian ethnographic portraiture and suggests women on the verge of emerging, as well as ideas of metamorphosis and transformation.”

Some of the Impronta Series is on show at Photofusion in Brixton until 30 January 2015 and you can hear Pizzani talk about the works there on Thursday 15 January 2015 at 7pm. For more information on the talk, please see the Photofusion website here.

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